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About YourStory - Gifting you moments

An ode to love

YourStory - Gifting you moments is a fraternization of dreams cum emotions. YourStory has been evolved by the ideation of the prominent person of this group. But today we are au fait squad of very zealous photographers, scrupulous cinematographers and the filmer of your tales, our editors. We love to film a celebration that have a gorgeous bride and a happy groom who makes the promise of being that way and the families coming together as one!

Be a part of goodness sparkle and dazzle love like never before.

What We Do?

We believe in saying...Do what your soul loves!

Filming a wedding is just not about filmic angles or about swanky gizmos rather it is about the art to seize emotions at a perfect split-second and hit the jackpot! On that account, we always have something new up our sleeves and give credence to quality and not quantity because Indian Weddings are not only the astute of bride and groom but also the pure comity of two different families, diverse religions, different junctions and show how different the world becomes when the two heart beats as one with a promise to overcome the uncertainties with each other. It is about loving each other, through thick and thins, for better or for worse!

We are committed to capture every single moment and deliver the creations on time with quality as promised.

About Our Squad!

Small Team Doing Big Things...

Our team consists of the members who are professionally and personally trained in their work which could be felt from the work sequence.

We are dedicated to satisfy our client because client is always right!

  • Prem

    Senior cinematographer and Photographer


    (Senior cinematographer and Photographer)

    His name insinuates love! And love depicts the one who's mad for his inclusion, So is he! He is passionate about his choices, be it work where he can push himself for stretched hours of straight work or in reverse he can even sweat himself for his own sweet time to more than limitless hours a day! He always have 'The Best Idea's to share which turns him to a good narrator. We can step up by saying photography and cinematography is in his blood! He eats photography, he sleeps cinematography!

  • Abhishek

    Senior photographer


    (Senior photographer)

    One would go short for words to praise him or his work. A foodie who revolves around fishes and always have the finest in his platter. He brings with him not just years of experience in photography but an unmatched ability to turn every frame into a piece of art. If the shutter button is trapped by his hand, then Remember Guys, you are lucky and would see the best version of yourself.

  • Shalu

    Video Editor


    (Video Editor)

    A hung up nerve with an oodles of dilemma! She is usually decked up with her technical issues. She is an initiator of your impeccable yet cheerful and angelic moments. She turns up every frame of your wedding twinkle into a magical world of reverie.

  • Aniket




    A boy who is equipped with a silver spoon for YourStory official. He is one of the best thing that every crew would once imagine in their creative thoughts! He is amazingly draped with knowledge and perseverance which sets him at odds. We have come to know him as a boy who dotes on to what has been served!

  • Rituraj




    A gadget freak and loves to be called RJ...No..No..No! not the one which spells as Radio Jockey but as RituRaj. He can be counted on for anything from advices on latest equipments to what to deposit on an empty stomach! If he'z around then definitely he'z minding the store for all the hee-haws and the sniggling happening around!

What Our Clients Say

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  • Very good service and understanding team. Clearly met expectations.Wedding film made was lovely.

    - Ankita Gupta
  • A team of talent, seen ever and the way they execute there work...this team had done my engagement photoshoot and I have taken up them for complete package and moreober referred them for 4 more weddings of my friends. Kudos!!! Thanks... special thanks to the first stone of the team... Mr. Prem.

    - Lavish Jain
  • Very professional and coolest team of talented photographers, innovators and designers. I recommend them in the very first place. Be it marriage or any other event, they bring their best out of it. Keep rocking, guys!!

    - Sajal Suraj

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